You need the best sweat proof undershirt in your life yesterday

Everybody sweats. Some a little more than others, sure, but we can all relate to that first-date-big-presentation feeling, where we pray no one asks us to grab that thing off the top shelf. Makes us sweat a little just thinking about it.

But when you think about all of the toxins and chemicals in standard deodorants, what’s a healthy armpit to do to stay dry? Thankfully, organic and all-natural methods to stop sweaty armpits and body odor are on the rise. Here are five natural—and so trendy—ways to prevent pit stains:

  1. Cut back on caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods

    Caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods all contain properties that stimulate the sweat glands and encourage the body to start sweating. If you’ve got a big presentation that you’re stressing about, swap your morning coffee for a matcha latte, and substitute that nightcap at the pub the evening before for a chamomile tea instead.

  2. Re-harmonize with acupuncture

    Acupuncture is said to be used to bring the body back into harmony, and people use it to treat nervous sweating too. What could be more harmonious than the end of sweaty armpits and body odor?

  3. Get on-trend with natural antiperspirant

    With dozens of natural antiperspirants out there, it can feel impossible to choose the best one for you. Try Kaia Naturals’ charcoal deodorant: it resets your sweat glands and rids your body of chemicals and toxins associated with aluminum antiperspirants. And you’ll be left confident that any remaining body odor will be battled naturally. (Plus, let’s face it, charcoal is so hot right now.)

  4. Your new favourite undershirt

    You can rock Knix’s Don’t Sweat It T-Shirt as an undershirt or totally on its own. Using Fresh Fix Technology® (which wicks and absorbs moisture and fights odor) in the underarm panels and four way stretch fabric, this tee allows you to move, bend, and reach without worrying about underarm sweat or body odor. Rejoice: you can wear grey again.

  5. Just breathe

    Regulating your breathing helps calm your nerves and reduce sweating. Drop into a chill yoga or meditation class to learn some basic breathwork, and tap into those skills whenever you’re feeling the heat.