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3 Must-Haves for Teachers

October 05, 2019
Isabella Torchia

Hi Knix, 

I'm a new teacher. I've learned a lot in my first month in the classroom, and one of those things is that I need to wear waaaaaay more comfortable clothes. Bras and underwear included! What do you recommend for long days, hot classrooms and walking up and down stairs all day long? Help! 


Miss S. 


Hi Miss S, 

Lots of teachers love Knix, so you've come to the right place! We asked some of our favourite educators about their favourite Knix products for the classroom, so read ahead to find out which Knix got the grade. 

The Thigh Saver

I’m a grade 1 teacher and it’s nice to not have to worry about knee length dresses or skirts with these on! They act as “shorts” underneath as an extra modesty measure since I sit on the floor with the kids. 

- Miss Karri 

I am a teacher, and I LOVE your products. I have 2 of your bras, and just purchased a pair of your thigh savers to try. I got them yesterday and am already in love with them too. I am moving to Kuwait to teach, and with the heat I know your products will be a lifesaver.

- Miss Molly


Truly adore my Thigh Savers, such a life saver! I’m a teacher, working on the third floor of a non-air conditioned building. Being able to wear all my dresses this year has been such a blessing.

- Miss Elisha 

Leakproof Underwear

I think Leakproof is an amazing invention. I am a school teacher and a heavy flow-er also. We don’t get many breaks and sometimes don’t get to go to the bathroom during lunch even. 

- Miss Marcia 

I am an upper elementary school teacher who is the first introduction to how to manage a menstrual cycle for many girls. I have started to recommend that the girls look into your period underwear. 

- Miss Jami

The Catalyst 

I was excited to find something that worked as I'm a PE teacher!

- Miss Jennifer

I will continue to tell all my teacher friends and other lady friends about these magical boob holders. You guys already got three orders from my big mouth. Lol! And those gals have big boobies!

- Miss Kadie 

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